vocaloid is a vocal synth program well known for cute anime girl mascots and some banger tunes, but was also not meant to be commercially released as first. Aareplacement for actual talented singers, the program blew up with the release of the second engine and then hatsune mothefucking miku, the world famous blue-haired voice. and yes, i still insist on her hair being blue. cry about it. there's the main six, which everybody knows, and if you don't, well, len and rin kagamine, luka, meiko, kaito. and then there's a lot of others, all by different companies, languages, voices, genders (sometimes none), mascots, mascot styles, one is a fan. if you want information on the vast amount of voicebanks without straying off the cities, here's this handy site i follow.

vocaloid was also my first dive-in, starting with masa's onibi series when i was nine or so (...bad idea, lobbie! there's gore! and sex), into the art of music, and the art of vocaloid as a whole. it still has me hooked, albeit the interest, just like vocaloid's innovation and releases as a whole, has slowed down in the past couple of years. my music taste is irrepecably fucked by weebshit, sure, but it's good, tasteful weebshit. every genre is vocaloid. there is vocaloid pop, country, metal, indie, breakcore, everything. every topic is vocaloid. even child abuse. that's mostly kikuo, though, fuck's up with kikuo and his instagram full of coffee pics?

but yeah, this page is basically a dedication towards what hopped me into my interests in music in general. i performed an edgy song from the old ones for a third grade talent show, and it got me sent to a psych, so i might as well pay vocaloid back for that one.

oh also my faves section has half utaus because they're good utaus ok. hover on them for more information!

i really really don't like ghost and pals, by the way. this includes every single literally-who trying to copy ghost, rip, moros (scum), and also throw creepP in there because they're somehow even worse. most of ghost's post-2016 music is basically if someone looked at lauren bousfield, did baby's first breakcore, and then didn't bother improving. and now, since it worked for ghost, every english vocaP HASSS to make a psychological horror series where the villian is some crazy mentally ill stereotype who MUST kill and abuse. oh, and it must use gumi or fukase somewhere in the series.

as well as the monotoneness of western vocaPs, most of ghost's fanbase is very sensitive. i made a post about ghost once and three people asked if they were problematic. the average ghost fan's interests are based on if a series is problematic or popular on tiktok. fuck ghost fans. go to hell.