welcome to, my personal page full of projects, things i enjoy, and other stuff the internet was made to share to the world. i consider this venue a neverending art piece, but without the construction gifs, so i encourage checking back. this is my escape and profound message to an internet populated too heavily with what destroys the mind and soul.

This site is dedicated to anyone who was outcasted from everywhere except the internet. No matter the reason why, if you find yourself more real online than off, I welcome you to with loving claws.

this is my site button! it is very special. my friend chexter made it for me a long while ago, and i've used it ever since. if you put my button on your site, you should tell me on my neocities profile! and drop a follow while you're at it. i sometimes speak funny on there.

whatever it is you do, make your stay in the city your's.

side art by @mrdeadartist, art above this by @massivetitty


10/6/22: carapace update (up to page 100...woah?)

10/3/22: new shrine its about a roblox horror game.

10/1/22: new article up