man how the fuck did this end up one of my special intersts i dont know

Alterhumanity is simply the catagorization of not being human. As a disclaimer, while that could mean many, many different things, this will focus mostly on alterhumanity in the otherkin and non-human sense.

"A category of personal identity which encompasses identification that is alternative to the common societal idea of humanity."

Definition given by phasmovore, the original source for the alterhuman umbrella label.

Otherkin, the focus of this place, is somebody who identifies as nonhuman. But if you're online enough to be on sugarteara dot fuck, I think you already know what otherkin is, in a vague sense, or in-depth, or otherwise. If not, I have a few pages linked below that I use as general resource to awakening mutuals.

"but i thought it meant relating to a character?" don't listen to tiktok. listen to me here.

I've always had some sort of unplaceable feeling of alienance to the world and body I've lived in. A sprout arrived when I was in middle school of what it meant, and it was a letter in the form of a game I had played. I had already been trapped within an Undertale fixation of all things, but going through the True Lab put too, too many pieces together. While closeted about a feeling undescribable, when I look back upon it, I see someone who was an amalgamate, and while the feeling faded years later and years ago, I still sometimes feel tinges of what once was.

This now-describable feeling only came back like tsunami when I was getting into Cookie Run, my favorite brand of rat poison. In the midst of the Lost City of Sugarteara event, I had visions through my dreams. Beautiful floor tiles. People who I cannot remember the names of, but I loved so, so much. An identifiable feeling, which I soon dived deep into to find the roots, explore, and control under pen and claw -- I am Lobster Cookie. I still remain Lobster Cookie as a core kintype, and to my friends, when they see a blue unlucky solider, they smile, because I am their friend, too.

Within these past two years, I have picked up, regonized, and among others, become something of a clusterfuck of kintypes. My main falling is fictionkin, which is made obvious, but I am also an angel, if that means anything. And if anyone needs to know the general "trope" to who I am, concern this -- I am just aggro little weirdo with long hair.

I feel most real when I'm not myself.

emancipated, liberated from my human shell

the entire reason it is called otherkin is because of a typo in a 80's paper. the more you know.

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