"Seek" is a sentient anomaly located within the wrong copy of Hotel Nowhere's interior, co-ordinates unknown. It is made of a unique form of non-newtonian fluid, with the viscosity described as similar to a melted marshmallow, and a texture that is soft around two inches inwards, then reaching a layer of a glass-like defensive "shield" that lacerates anything that comes through it, if not sucking it inside the sludge. In addition, Seek can spawn functional eyes on the surface of the slime, with amounts recorded varying from one to more than twenty at any given time.

Seek will attempt to mimic the physical form of whatever is in front of it until five to ten minutes after the copied individual leaves Seek's field of view. Results vary in accuracy. Reasoning for behavior seems to be curiosity about what comes down its path before it deems it as a threat. Seek usually adapts an aggressive mentality towards unfamiliarity, but can be bartered with. It has been reported that successful deterrants are not material objects, but rather, information about something Seek does not know about. Chances are slim for this method of escape, as Seek is a highly nimble and deadly entity. Method of murder is unable to be determined, as what it does kill is absorbed through the sludge, possibly its way of consumption and bio-regeneration of lost mass.